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1. Butterfly Robot "Papillon 2"




Papillon has a new!

It is a re-appeared in the new design and affordable price.

Papillon is flapping as alive in response to sound and vibration, it is a butterfly type Petit robot.
The artificial muscles are moving the wings and the body is BMF100. And because it is not using the motor. Surprisingly quiet and smooth, it is a real such movement and size.
Built-in sensors stand type controller and gracefully flapping in response to sound and vibration.

It is ideal for gifts and eye-catchers or use in the foliage plants.


 Dimensions: 10×10cm
 Wing Span:  About 10×10cm

 Actuator:   BioMetal Fiber,BMF100

 Sensor:     Microphone(Sound, Vibration)

 Battery:    Two Alkaline AA Batteries

 Battery     Life: 2 to 4 months (according to environmental noise)

Components in Kit

(1)Papillon (with connector)  -1-

(2)Controler                          -1-

(3)AA batteries                     -2-

(4)Instruction Manual           -1-

(5)Dimensions of the Package:  (W*D*H)150×105×45 (mm)

    Weight of the Package: About 100g


*This is not a toy, please take care.

* In case  of air way shipping, the  batteries are  excluded

  by the safety regulations.

Price: 45.00 US$

2. Inchworm Mk-II

BMF100 expands and contracts by the current when repeatedly turned on and off of the battery box of the switch, and then proceed as inchworm.



Length:  About 80mm

Input:   DC3V

Battery: Two AA(UM-3) Batteries

Controler:ON/OFF (Manually Operated)

Components in Kit

(1)Inchworm Mk-II                  -1-             

(2)Battery Box (w:Switch)       -1-

(3)AA(UM-3) Battery               -2-        

(4)Dimensions of the Package
   (  W*H*D)78×92×28 (mm)

    Weight of the Package: About 61g

*This is not a toy, please take care.
*Instruction Manual is printed at the back of box.

*In case of air way shipping, the batteries are exluded by the
 safety regulations.

제목 S

Price: 16.00 US$

3. Smart Servo RC-1

Smart Servo RC-1, made of metal-based artificial muscle bio metal fiber (BMF, BioMetal Fiber®) and the driving source, is a differential type servo actuator that can be symmetrical operation of a completely new principle. It is ultra-small ultra-light weight because it does not use such as motors, electromagnets and piezoelectric element. There is no electromagnetic noise such as vibration and operating noise.


It will be operated in the same signal and power supply of servo motor of R / C (RC) for digital propotional movements. 


Specifications (typical)


Dimensions :    38 × 9 × 3 (mm)

Weight:             0.8g (except a horn, a connector and cables, includes  BMF60 2mg)

Materials:          Body; ABS, built in parts and horn ; POM, PC boad ; Lead-free solder

Input Line :       3 wire type; power supply (red +, black -), signal (white)

Torque:            approx.15gCm

Operational Angle:  30 degrees, right and left each side

Control Signal:  positive PWM signal of 1.5ms ± 0.5ms in every 20ms

Power Supply:  Voltage  3~5V

Max. Current:   Consumption  80mA, 0.3W (at right or left end point @ 4.8V)

Average Current: Consumption  30mA、0.15W (at 5V 20degrees (Celsius)

Operating Temperature:  0-40 degrees (Celsius)

Components in Kit


(1) Smart Servo RC-1                                      -1-

(2) Double Side Tape 7mm×10cm

(3) Spare Servo Horns 2 Spare Screws (M1)   -2-

(4) Iinstruction Manual                                      -1-

(5) Dimensions of the Package (W*D*H):  90×140×12 (mm)
     Weghit of the Packaging About 14g  

Price: 45.00 US$

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