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Artificial Metal-Based Muscle

BioMetal Fiber
BMF Series

The BioMetal Fiber is a fiber-like actuator (drive unit) designed to contract (tense) and extend(relax) like muscles. The key feature of this product is its flexible, smooth movements like those of real life. Although soft and pliable like a nylon thread under normal conditions, it becomes stiff like a piano wire and sharply contracts, when a current is fed through it. If the passage of a current is stopped, it will soften and extend to its original length.

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Artificial Metal-Based Muscle for Long Strike Actuators

BioMetal Helix

BMX series

The BioMetal Helix (BMX Series) is a biometal micro coil. It is a linear actuator (linear-motion drive unit) featuring wide-range expansion and contraction. At room temperature, it is soft and can be elongated with ease. The B MX, elongated at room temperature, becomes stiff and sharply contracts to its original length when a current is fed through it.

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